Why Hypnotherapy?

Hello, I'm Dian

I believe everyone deserves to be well. Through Sundari Wellness, I help my clients navigate the challenges that come with juggling multiple roles, supporting them as they travel the path of self-discovery by combining holistic modalities and lived experiences. My practice is neurodiversity-affirming. As a neurodivergent woman myself, I am passionate about supporting autistic women and parents of neurodivergent children.

Everyone of us carry unique life stories, myself included. At some point in life, I found myself battling prolonged anxiety episodes as my body and mind sent me grave warnings to address my unresolved issues. From there on, I went through a lengthy journey to sit with the discomfort and search for modalities that work for me. It took me years to reconnect with my body, relearn how to relax, rediscover myself, and eventually arrived at loving, compassionate self-acceptance. Hypnotherapy, integrative yoga, and learning about gut-brain connection were instrumental in helping me regain a healthy sense of self.

As a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of The British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, I support my clients through private online sessions that allow you to join from your safest, most comfortable space. My practice is enriched with a background in media and corporate, as well as certifications in Integrative Nutrition and Integrative Yoga. I am also a Licensed User of the SPELL Framework for Autism and currently pursuing my Master’s in Professional Counselling in Malaysia.

To learn more, simply drop me a message. It will be an honor to listen to your stories and be of service to your well-being journey.

Dian Pertiwi Le
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dian Pertiwi Le
Sundari Wellness & Healing: Hypnotherapy - Why Hypnotherapy?

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle evidence-based tool whose efficacy was documented in numerous scientific journals. Many mental-health professionals utilize this modality to aid well-being and the healing process.
The hypnotic state is a natural state we experience in our daily lives. It is a state between sleep and awake where focus and concentration are enhanced – just like daydreaming.
In such a state, our conscious mind takes a back seat, opening the way for our unconscious mind to receive and absorb positive suggestions. Our unconscious mind is the seat of long-term memory, learning, life experiences, and our true potential and inner wisdom.
In hypnotherapy, a certified therapist gently guides you into a deeply relaxed state and a pleasant journey through your inner world. While in this state, the therapist delivers positive suggestions in support of your goals and aspirations. These goals will be agreed upon with you before the session.
For safety, please work with a trained, certified hypnosis practitioner who upholds the importance of safe, ethical practice. You may want to check if they are a member of a well-recognized hypnosis association.