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Our sessions are available in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Reach out to us for:

Stress and Anxiety Management

De-stress, decode what is beneath your stress and anxiety, and accept and learn to regulate yourself better. Our healing and wellness program will help you to acknowledge and process your emotions, and regain your state of calm and balance.

Sundari Wellness & Healing: Self Talk Reprogramming
Sundari Wellness & Healing: Stress Management

Building a Positive Relationship with Your Body

Instill a healthy relationship with your body through hypnosis and nutrition coaching. Gain solid support in revisiting your relationship with food. Our therapist and coach will work with you in devising a strategy to achieve an improved state of well-being. Upon request, she can also take you through a virtual pantry make-over and guide you in making food and lifestyle changes.

Sundari Wellness & Healing: Stress Management

Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the pillars of well-being. Stress, unconscious lifestyle choices, fast-paced life, and the mind that refuses to turn off can prevent you from having quality sleep that your body needs. Through a customized, holistic approach, our therapist will guide you into the wonderful state of relaxation and reclaim your deep, restorative rest.

Sundari Wellness & Healing: Better Sleep
Sundari Wellness & Healing: Confidence Building

Finding Your Voice & Becoming More Assertive

Deep-rooted experiences and the emotions that come with them can disconnect you from your true self and instill negative self-talk within you. Hypnotherapy can help you reframe the way you perceive these experiences, help you regain your locus of control, and reprogram your self-talk in the way that serves you best. Reconnect with your true self, become your own best friend, and live your days from a place of self-acceptance and confidence with the guidance of our therapist.

Sundari Wellness & Healing: Confidence Building

Trauma Recovery and Inner Child Work

Childhood and growing up experiences may wound our inner child and leave trauma imprints that we carry in adulthood. If left unaddressed, the wounded inner child in us may express themselves in unproductive patterns that affect relationships, health, and peace of mind or even lead to psychosomatic pain.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way to establish and restore the feeling of safety within you. Our therapist will support you in identifying, addressing, and working on your trauma, as well as embracing and providing support that your inner child needs to heal.

Sundari Wellness & Healing: Self Talk Reprogramming

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